In to the woods…


In to the woods dark green and deep
A solitary traveller I have been
Finding peace in wilder things
Finding contentment in the breeze
Stumble across a glittery stream
Nor shallow nor deep, Nor blue nor green
Rippling in the rays of heat
Grappling the rocks, the pebbles
Flowing through the sticks, the stones
Dazzling flecks of diamond
At dusk.
At noon.
The mumble of the humming birds
The buzzing of the nimble bees
The chatter of the running stream
Defies the rustle of the nearby trees
I listen, I wonder
Perhaps heaven sounds the same…

– Sahara


The End Point


The ink lining of memories drip down the walls,
Washed away in yesterday’s rain.
The floral papers pasted on them,
Peeling with shadows of grey, brown and black.
He stares at the wall, and then again far beyond the window..
Nothing but the meadows and the hushed whispers of the wind
Nothing but the graying skies,
And the birds returning home.
Now that she is gone,
there is nothing but forlorn.
Life has come to a standstill,
a point where we all go.
When life is not living,
But surviving alone.

~Sahara Zaheer~

Why Some Girls Should Not Wear High Heel Shoes


I just found out this video on youtube and was rolling in laughter watching it. Yes, it is indeed hilarious and not at all sexy, when some girls try to keep on wearing high heels which they clearly cannot be comfortable in. Wearing them when they are killing you. Thumbs down babe, thumbs down.

High heels are good, nice, sexy, does something really cool to your posture. But in the negative side, they are also very very uncomfortable and bad for your health. Some girls are totally cool with it and they wear 5 or 6 inches or more like it`s nothing, DAILY!! Even when they travel in public transportation!!!!….In trains, buses. This, i`m talking about public transportation in SriLanka!! You gotta really get in one of these trains or buses to really understand how bad, crowded and downright uncomfortable it is. But still they wear. So coolly and THAT now, is sexy. I mean that`s crazy shit awesome isn’t it? And at those times, i just can’t control but stare open mouthed at those girls (or rather, there feet).

Its a tedious job. I know, because i have tried wearing like 4 inches and no i can’t wear it daily. Not to office anyway and totally not when i`m travelling via public transportation (*So i give a big hand of applause to those courageous girls who do a lot, seriously a LOT to be sexy. I wish i could*)

I do love heels. But i’m not that comfortable in them so i use shoes with much lesser heels, or flats and wedges. Don’t take me wrong, i’m not opposing the girls who wear crazy shit heels, i totally appreciate them and sort of envy them in a way.I mean they even run with 5 inch heels. In my case i would trip on someone`s saree and seriously damage myself (and not to mention others around me) if i wore a 5 inch in a train or a bus. Running is so far fetched, that we won`t even talk about how bad it could be.

But here, as this crazy guy over here “Maxim Bady” says about this girl who keeps on wearing the heels even when she is continuously falling , It`s not fashion sense when you do that, it`s fashion nonsense. Ha ha Hilarious!!




What to wear?

Oh yes, It`s one of the most common questions uttered by women.

It can be a question to herself, looking at a wardrobe filled with various wearable things.Or a huge dump of clothes reminding someone of a mini version of a mountain, piled up on her bed in a feeble attempt to choose a satisfactory dress to wear.

Or it can be directed to her husband, implying that she needs a new dress as all her stuff are old, common or simply too plain.

Or it can be to her sister, friend asking for assistance to choose something to wear, give tips on what`s new and chic and basically to play dress-up.

It also can be to your parent, mother or father in a strategic approach to let them know that she is having a difficult time in choosing what she has to wear to the place they want to take her with, and it would be easier for them if they’d just make the journey without her. (And for which a prompt reply would materialize saying, “Wear that one will you, which Aunt ‘So-and-so’ said you looked pretty in..” This mostly would come from a mother or “Why don’t you wear that dress i bought you last Christmas/Ramazan/Awrudu <Insert Festival>” This is most likely to come from a father (where the reminisced occasion had apparently occurred a couple of years ago and the said dress is no longer wearable/outdated etc )

It can also be to an important friend/colleague, when it concerns of a place where you have not visited before and a place where your friend/colleague is comfortable at. Most likely to be when you are meeting your boyfriend’s parents  , siblings or your guy`s closest friends.

“What to wear?” is not just a simple question. It is a thousands of thoughts compiled into three simple words.

And to hear these words mocked at, is really painful, i tell you. Most men would just laugh at women for asking “What to wear?” or saying “I have nothing to wear”. But they’d fail to understand that there is also a different story to it than just whining for new cloths. Of course yes, whining for new stuff is one of the intentions. But it is not always the sole intention. And there are times when even men are perplexed on what they should wear to a certain occasion. But the problem is women get to that situation much too often than men do. And thus women are considered to be the owners of the sentence/ question/ statement “What to wear?”

The Beginning

 After days and months of procrastination, I have finally mustered some will power to begin my new blog. A blog which I do not have to be embarrassed to show to anyone who would want to check my blog.

Writing, fiction, daydreaming, these are a few things which I am quite good at and showcasing the only talent I’ve got is something which I should have done a long time ago. Although it was never done, mainly because when I was small and had all the time in the world, there weren’t any blogs. What are we talking about blogs, I haven’t even heard of Internet at that time.

And when blogs were all the rage, I did not have the time or the necessity to maintain one. A serious one. But now I have decided. I WILL manage this blog. Yes, this one right over here. And pen down my restless thoughts. After all if fighters fight we writers should write (oh well, just wrote it down for the sake of rhyming). I know , I know.. calling myself a writer seems a bit too overconfident. But some great personality has told that self-confidence can literally take you to your destination. Don’t ask me which great personality, cuz I don’t remember. Oh well, now even I`m curious. Let me Google it;

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

So yeah, I guess I was referring to him.

That quote seems to be pretty hypothetical to me. Does really “Believing in yourself” help people in achieving them. Maybe there is some scientific truth to that. After all mind power is told to be amazing and real as in really real that there are people who has practiced to read other people’s minds and to move things . I am not sure whether any of you have heard that there is actually an institute in Australia which trains the mind to move things. This is supposedly called as “Psychokinesis”. Anyhow talking about mind power reminds me of a book I’ve read when I was a kid. “Matilda” by Roald Dahl. He was a great writer. He is the author of the much famous Charlie and the chocolate factory and its sequel Charlie and the great glass elevator. This is him down here:

(1916 – 1990)

Back to Matilda, that was a book which I enjoyed thoroughly as a kid. And also the fact that it was showcasing the unbelievable intelligence of  girl and being a girl myself sort of made me fall in love with the character. (Yeah I used to do that since I was a kid) . This Matilda was a girl who was blessed with utmost intelligence and almost magical mind power where she could move objects from her mind, (As far as I remember she used this power to drop objects on a teacher, to sort of scare her: I don’t actually remember all the details) But I remember liking it and wishing that I had such superpowers. But alas I was grown up to find that I had none. None in the sense totally nothing, zero, zilch .Not even the superpower called as “optimism” which most normal human beings are blessed with. So yeah I’m a pessimist. A born pessimist. Hah! so that`s me.

A pessimist. sadly. (Well..I’m also not that sure whether I’m actually sad because my pessimism has been a blessing at times)

A wannabe writer

A day dreamer

And I guess I have jabbered enough for the day.So I take my bow (for the day of course, remember I`m gonna take care of this blog.. I swear to myself. I`d even write nonsense if I do not have anything to write – oh well actually that seems to be exactly what I`v done today. have written nonsense. But something is always better than nothing =) )


Much Love!